By: Blonde Two

Yesterday, I was driving to work with some rousing young people’s music playing and the windows wide open.  I have to confess that I probably caused a bit of a disturbance.  You disapprove?  Feel free to, I would definitely have disapproved of myself had I been walking past (an odd concept that I suspect chaps like Mr Schrodinger or at least his cat would appreciate/have appreciated).

I feel that I should explain my cacophonous behaviour; the more concerned/worried/downright scared I get about going to work (it is on the challenging side at the moment) the louder my “journey to work” music has to be in order to stop me from driving straight past and up to the moors.  I only live a song away so I have to choose carefully.

“But why the open windows so that everyone can hear, Blonde Two?”  I hear you cry.  The answer to that is not that I want to disturb the neighbourhood or even that I want to assert my authority on the situation into which I am driving.  Nothing as interesting as that; I drive a little Mazda soft top and the only way that you can see out of the windows in the morning is to open them.

Yesterday morning, the Two Blondes were operating in (slightly on the exhausted side) synchronicity again and the two Blonde Mobiles pulled up to work (from different directions) behind each other as we drove in.  It was a short, but empowering convoy – we are always stronger to the power of Two!  We left quite late last night in the same formation and I am secretly hoping that it will happen again tomorrow.

If it does, I think we need call signs …

“Ten Four Bombshell, this is Bimbo … we got ourselves a convoy!”