By: Blonde Two

One of the great things about having children who love the outdoors is being able to buy them outdoors-type presents. This can be a tricky process, in my case particularly when gift shopping for Six-Foot-Blonde who is even more of a gear junky than I am. However, I think I scored a winner this year when I found him a popcorn maker to use over an open fire.

Popcorn is usually associated with inside activities that involve watching other people doing things rather than doing them yourself. I don’t mean to malign the snack for this, it is, after all, a far healthier alternative than crisps, peanuts or slabs of chocolate. We had great fun in the garden the other night playing with Six-Foot’s birthday present. It is by far the quickest way of making popcorn I have ever seen, hardly any kernels were left unpopped and the popped corn had such a delicious, smoky taste that it didn’t even need salt to flavour it. Here is a step by step corn popping guide:

Light your fire (with a tampon if you are feeling so inclined)

Tip some kernels into the corn popper (gently, those kernels are feisty stuff)

Fasten the lid (firmly, that corn is feisty stuff)

Pop away (maybe with a slightly longer handle, that is a feisty fire)


Enjoy your delicious, smoky popcorn with your family (be warned, families too can be feisty stuff!)