By: Blonde Two

Way back when, in my gym attendance days, there wasn’t much I enjoyed about the experience, but I did like being able to check my walking (and occasionally running) pace.

Before Christmas I was up in Malvern for my Mum’s birthday. Mum can’t get around on her feet like she used to but has recently increased her Get Outside ability by buying an outdoor, electric, wheelchair thingy.

Once I had finished having fun playing with the outdoor, electric, wheelchair thingy, we decided to go out for a walk/ride up to the shops. (Sadly Mum declined my offer to look after the thingy so that she could walk!)

This turned out to be a great arrangement, as it happens, an outdoor, electric, wheelchair thingy, when running at full pelt is just about the pace at which I need to walk if I want to be a little bit out of breath.

We did a little maths (I know that I walk 69 double paces to 100 metres) and worked out that this speed is around 5km an hour.

Of course, the other great thing about outdoor, electric, wheelchair thingies is that, as you get too hot from walking fast, you can dump your hat, scarf, jacket etc in the handy basket at its front. All in all a successful expedition.