By: Blonde Two

There were times last Dartmoor season (11 month season) when the Two Blondes were so busy that they ran an enormous risk of meeting themselves coming back.  Indeed, they may well have done exactly that but would definitely have been too busy to notice!

Well yesterday it actually happened, we did meet ourselves coming back.  Imagine the scene; a winding Devon lane, two dark blue cars, one Blonde-Sporty-Mobile and one Blonde-Adventure-Mobile, the very real risk of blonde hair entanglement as Two Blondes whizzed past each other.  Surely a cue for some cosmic event, maybe a fork of lightening, a Dalek invasion or at the very least a moonbow*.

You may have heard the sonic boom but I, of course, was concentrating on my driving so much that I didn’t notice the fireworks. Blonde One (a professional driver) was concentrating on her’s so much that she didn’t even notice me.  Probably just as well, nobody really likes a paradox, not even your grandfather!

*Note:  Lots of young people have been laughing at me today because I told them about the recent Dartmoor Moonbow  Even if it wasn’t real, I believed in it!