By: Blonde One


On a recent Gold DofE expedition I was treated to a few of the participants showing me some of the things that they had in their Christmas stocking. There were new clothes and new kit; both of which had me green with envy!

The best thing I saw was a Silva compass. You might wonder why I was so intrigued by this compass. Surely, you might say, I have seen a Silva compass before?! And you would be right to think that … except this one was different. This one had an added extra making it even more useful. After checking what Mr Google had to say about it, I discovered that it had what is called an inclinometer. This extra feature measures the angle of slope using the power of gravity alone. It’s very simple but very clever. Have a look for yourself.

It would have been useful in Scotland to measure the angle of slope and to help work out the avalanche risk.