By: Blonde Two

This blog isn’t intended to be a rant against computer games although it seems likely that you would be able to guess my stance on them.  Some people might have equally strong feelings about blog writers or social networking so I should maybe keep my opinions to myself (not really very good at that).

I do feel though, that at the moment, Blonde One and I might be stuck some kind of computer game based parallel (can anyone spell that write first time) universe.  This game universe is not the fluffy sort of game where you look after a puppy.  Neither is it one where you build a whole new life for yourself (we quite like the ones we have already).  Rather the game that we appear to be stuck in is one of those where you have to clamber over lots of blocks as they tumble towards you.  Our Dartmoor experiences have made us quite good at clambering but in that game, you usually end up back at the bus at the end of the day.  In the new, parallel universe game, all that happens is that bigger and bigger blocks keep tumbling towards us.

I believe that in computer games (obviously I have never played one), you get given rewards from time to time.  This happened to me yesterday just before the latest block tumbled into place.  I had gone to meet Blonde One and our Gold D of E group to help with some fund raising planning after work.  It had been a particularly block filled day and I was struggling to make my brain work at all.  I sat, had a giggle and chatted with the gang for a while and talked about some of the preparations for next Saturday’s Ten Tors walk.  Then my reward arrived – somehow, without me even realising it was happening, all of the jobs that I had brought along with me were being done by someone else.  For once, it wasn’t Blonde One, our youngsters had taken over. At the computer, one lad was finishing off a route card for me, another was writing in some height gain and timings on a different card and someone else was sorting out the groups for Saturday.

What can I say?  There must be a moral to this story although I am sure that it is not “Play more computer games.”  I do know that it has made me even more convinced that all of the block clambering is worthwhile.  I hope they don’t get much bigger though, never did have a head for heights!