By: Blonde Two

If you read yesterday’s Blonde-Blog-Post, you will know that with the help of the lovely team at Cotswold Outdoor, my capacious bottom now has a brand new pair of walking trousers.

That is, of course, only half the story. What you lovely (and beautifully bottomed) readers want to know is how you can find walking trousers to fit and flatter your own rump. Your derriere might be wider than average, it might be skinnier than average or it might be a bit of a low-hanger. You could of course have other size-related reasons for repeated retail disappointment.

It would take a very large store to have trousers to fit all of us out on display, and not everybody can have the extra special treatment I received from Cotswold Outdoor; but I was surprised (and I think you might be) at the range that is available from Cotswold if you delve deep enough. I had a chat with Pete from customer services and here is a Blonde summary of his advice about solving fitting issues:

  1. Swallow your “Oh no, I’ve got a big bottom.” pride/nerves/worries and have a chat with the team in your local store. They may have more sizes in their stockroom than they have on display. If they don’t, they have access to all of the online stock and could go through the possibilities with you. If you have already tried a few things on before you do this, you will know which are more likely to work for you.
  2. If you don’t feel happy about talking about your size in the store, then ring or email customer services. There is also a live chat function on the website (available 9-5 Monday to Friday).

Pete has assured me that, although there is no guarantee that Cotswold Outdoor will be able to find something to fit absolutely everyone, staff will give it their very best shot and if they stock it, they will find it!

Of course, the plus-side of us plus-size (see what I did there?) walkers getting in touch and chatting more about our clothing needs, is that it will keep the issue on the retail agenda. There is no doubt that there is a growing need for outdoor manufacturers and retailers to tackle the issue of larger sized outdoor gear. We all want to get outside, and we all want to do it looking the part!

And Cotswold Outdoor, if you ever need a big-bottomed Blonde size advisor … I am definitely your girl!