By: Blonde Two

This year the Two Blondes are going to be kicking August off with a bang and joining a few fellow Ordnance Survey Champions at the BBC Countryfile Live show. We are very much looking forward to a weekend of outdoors fun and to encouraging as many people as possible to Get Outside.

Here are a few things we are especially looking forward to:

1. Having a splendiferous time with the OS crew and their posse of champions.
2. Driving a tractor.
3. Admiring the Ordnance Survey dome.
4. Driving a big tractor.
5. Being on hand to demonstrate our tent pitching skills if the OS dome falls down.
6. Driving a big, red tractor.
7. Talking to people about maps, navigation and other great things you can do outdoors.
8. Driving a big, red tractor in the mud.
9. Giving a talk on the Explore Britain Stage…
10. Driving a big, red tractor in the mud, across a field.

Wait a minute… forget the tractor for a minute (although I must admit to having a long-term thing about tractors), let’s go back to number 9… Yep, it’s true, on Thursday August 3rd, Blonde One and I are going to be giving an actual talk, on an actual stage, with an actual name (The Explore Britain Stage), at the actual Countryfile Live show, in the grounds of an actual palace (Blenheim Palace). We are going to be discussing our latest writing project, ‘The Girls’ Guide to the Outdoors’ and introducing the rest of the world to the ‘Bap Straps’, ‘Flappy Mappy‘ and ‘Pasty Dandruff‘. We may even, if the rest of the world is lucky enough, explain how to tell the difference between tampons and crampons (well have you ever successfully lit a fire with a crampon?)

Needless to say, we are excited, nervous and Blonde in equal measure about our attendance at BBC Countryfile Live. Hopefully, we will see some of you there!