By: Blonde Two

We Blondes are off on another ‘out of Devon’ mission today (I think we will be crossing the South West/South East divide again) and we are really looking forward to this one.

We are off to join the lovely ladies and gents from Ordnance Survey at the Countryfile Live show (which, by the way, has been moved to a palace this year just because we are coming!)

We are very much looking forward to Friday and Saturday when we will be available for photographs, autographs and general star-struck behaviour in the (very smart) Ordnance Survey dome. Alternatively, you could just come along and talk to us… we Blondes like to talk! (To be honest these lovely people below are probably far more interesting to talk to than us!)

Today however, we have a very important (and slightly nerve wracking) job to do. We are going to appear on Countryfile’s very own Explore Britain Stage. I looked the definition of ‘stage’ up in the Oxford English Dictionary. Then I looked it up again in a lesser publication because the ‘Big Dic’ as I like to call it insists on you doing annoying things like signing up before you can use it. The lesser publication suggested a stage was,

‘A raised floor or platform, typically in a theatre, on which actors, entertainers, or speakers perform.’

I examined the ‘stage’ concept more closely and decided upon these key points that I would like to share with you:

  1. The Explore Britain Stage is a raised platform but as far as I can see it is very low and offers no risk of vertigo.
  2. A low (but raised) platform means that we Blondes might stand some chance of hiding during our interview.
  3. The Explore Britain Stage is in a field (albeit a palace field) not a theatre so we Blondes won’t be expected to ‘perform’, which is good because I have given up knife throwing on Thursdays and Blonde One decided that lion taming wasn’t for her after a nasty incident with the Dartmoor lynx.

Our interview is with Faye Hatcher from BBC Radio Gloucester who looks very nice and also likes walking (hence would be nice even if she didn’t look it). We had to send her some ideas of questions to ask us, which was good fun. We rejected a few of our initial ideas…

  1. What are your favourite walking treats? We would have to say that other walking treats are available as well as Jelly Babies when they clearer aren’t.
  2. Which Blonde is the best? We would have struggled with that one because clearly we are both very excellent.
  3. Which is your favourite place to go walking? Well obviously the answer would have been Dartmoor but there is a risk that we might have shouted it so loud that we broke the microphones.

Microphones! Microphones! I don’t know whether to hope for a Madonna style one with glitter and face tape or one of those big fluffy ones that you can stroke to calm your interview nerves.

If you can’t make it to the Countryfile Live Explore Britain stage at 17:00 today (best be there early to get good seats) then we will tell you all about it very soon!