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Dartmoor Courses

We offer a range of navigation courses, Dartmoor wild camping courses and Dartmoor experiences within the stunning scenery of Dartmoor National Park. Dartmoor offers 368 square miles of beautiful countryside but many people do not have the confidence to venture off the beaten path and experience her wilder side. We firmly believe that, with the right outdoor skills, Dartmoor can be for everybody, and our courses and experiences have been designed as learning experiences that encourage safe exploration and build independence. Whether you are interested in learning to navigate using a map and compass, experiencing wild camping on Dartmoor for the first time or just having some fun and exploring the landscape, we have the Dartmoor course for you.

Dartmoor beginner navigation courses

We run navigation courses for adults, and really enjoy hearing about our trainees’ adventures, which to date include solo bivvy nights, long distance footpaths and wild camping adventures. Successful navigation relies on a set of key skills and, with over 25 years of expedition teaching experience behind us, we know exactly how to pitch training to suit our group. If you want to learn to use a map and compass in a fun and relaxed environment with like-minded people, our beginner navigation courses are for you.

Sunday 12th June 2022 – £60 booking and more course information

Monday 8th August 2022 – £60 booking and more course information


Dartmoor night navigation courses (adults)

Navigating at night is the perfect way to hone your existing navigation skills. Find out what Dartmoor looks like (or doesn’t look like) at night and join us for this fun and exciting evening navigation session on East Dartmoor. For adults with some previous map and compass experience.

Date: Friday 11th November 2022 – £60 booking and course information


Dartmoor wild camping weekends (adults)

Date: Saturday 6th August and Sunday 7th August 2022 (£140) booking and course information

Here on Dartmoor we are really lucky to be the only place in England where there is a legal right to wild camp (an activity perhaps better described as backpack camping). However this doesn’t mean that you can camp anywhere on Dartmoor or that you don’t need to learn a few basic wild camping safety and environmental rules. Our wild camping weekends are a great mix of fun and challenge and we make every effort to tailor them to meet the needs of participants with safety, packing, food and navigation advice. If you want to try wild camping for the first time or revisit your camping skills, our wild camping courses are for you. We offer both summer and winter wild camping courses.

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