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We are hoping to host courses this spring and summer as we did in 2020 and 2021. These will of course be subject to coronavirus restrictions. Do feel free to get in touch if you are interested in learning more about backpack camping in a sustainable and Dartmoor-friendly way.

Dartmoor Wild Camping Courses 2022

Dartmoor wild camping has been renamed Dartmoor backpack camping by Dartmoor National Park Authority and we agree. Wild camping is a fantastic way to enjoy the environment but it should always be done in a manner that looks after that environment, and doesn’t cause disturbance to other visitors.

If you fancy swinging your rucksack onto your back and setting off (not too far) to a lonely Dartmoor location, this is the course for you. We can offer help, advice and loads of fun, and we even have equipment available for you to borrow. Find out how to wild camp on Dartmoor the right way, and open up a whole new world of exploration and outdoor enjoyment.

See below for  this year’s summer wild camping course dates.


2022 Summer Wild Camping Dartmoor

Saturday 6th August and Sunday 7th August 2022 (adults)

Wild camping or backpack camping is becoming more and more popular in the UK but how do you do it safely, in a responsible manner and without breaking any bylaws? We are lucky on Dartmoor to have the only legal wild camping area in England but this doesn’t mean that you can camp anywhere you like. Find out more on this popular wild camping workshop including safety skills, packing advice, food advice and then enjoy a short walk out to a stunning wild camping location.

Cost: £140

Location: Dartmoor

Time: 12:30 (Saturday) – 12:30 (Sunday)

Date: Saturday 6th August and Sunday 7th August 2022

Previous Experience: no previous experience required (we will advise you on kit and have some available to lend).

Contact: Lucy Atkins (B1)


FAQ Dartmoor Wild Camping Courses

Will I need lots of equipment to wild camp on Dartmoor?

Having the right equipment is really important for a safe and comfortable camp but it’s not all about the latest gear. We’ll give you a kit list and be available to answer all your questions. We have plenty of kit available for you to borrow if you want to try wild camping before investing in your own.

Is it possible to get to Dartmoor via public transport?

The answer to this question is ‘yes’ but it won’t be the most simple journey you’ve ever made. Take a look at the Visit Dartmoor travel pages for more information.

Will I have to carry my rucksack for a long distance?

We tailor all of our routes to suit the ability of participants. You won’t be walking too far or up many hills, and we can take as many or as few breaks along the way as you like. Our wild camping courses are an opportunity to learn and have fun, not an exercise in endurance.

Will there be toilets at our wild camping site?

Sorry no, this is proper wild camping. You don’t need to worry though. We’ll all do the right thing an ‘go’ before we go, as well as take you through how to go to the toilet in a remote camping location.

What will happen if my course is cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions?

Fingers crossed this won’t happen but, if it does, we will be happy to refund your money or offer you another date.

I know I’m going to have lots of questions, will it be okay to ask them?

Absolutely yes! That’s what we’re here for. No question is a silly one, we’ve been around a while and have already answered most of them.


More information from Dartmoor National Park Authority about backpack or wild camping on Dartmoor.

“If you can carry everything you need in your backpack as part of a Dartmoor walking expedition, you can backpack camp for one or two nights in some areas of open moorland, well away from roads or settlements using a ‘no impact’ approach.” Dartmoor NPA


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