By: Blonde One

While I’ve been over here in France I’ve noticed that the agriculture is much more prominent even than Devon. I thought that Devon was full of agriculture and that it dominated every aspect of the county but I was surprised to find that France beat us hands down on the farming front! I don’t know if it’s just because the country is generally bigger and less populated, or it could be because the areas we visited were much flatter than Devon and therefore you could see further. Whatever the reason it was very interesting. I saw literally thousands upon thousands of sunflowers, onions, artichoke, wheat, grapes and every other kind of crop you could imagine. The fields seemed to be huge by comparison and looked as if they stretched on for miles. Obviously everything I do seems to link to Dartmoor in some way and I began to personify some of the crops and make links with the people that use Dartmoor!

The sunflowers: well obviously they were The Two Blondes! They were very smily, cheered everyone up and also very expressive. When it wasn’t such a sunny day they seemed to bow their heads as if they weren’t as happy (this is how the Blondes feel when we can’t get up on the moors). The leaves looked like shoulders and most of the time were straight and seemed to be set back in a determined stance.


The maize: these fields reminded me of the teenagers that we first bring up to Dartmoor. They were constantly on the move, jiggling and jostling. They were planted in a slightly chaotic way and there was no organisation involved. As they responded to the gentle breeze they seemed to be laughing and giggling. They were definitely very jolly and good fun!


The vines: these were most definitely the army that use the moors to practice their manoeuvres. The vines were planted in very strict rows, like regiments on parade. They were neat and identical. There was not a leaf out of place, just like the soldiers uniforms.

It was a good game to occupy me while in the car but try as I might I couldn’t think of a suitable comparison for the onions!