By: Blonde Two

Girls are better than boys at crying. We can do it when we want, we can do it about serious things and we can do it even when we are happy.

My own contours have made me cry a few times; usually when I am in a changing room surrounded by pairs of jeans that were made for people whose contours resemble the Somerset Levels rather than the Cambrians.

Hill contours have made me cry too. All that restricted breathing and feeling that you are walking far too slowly. It is a wonder at girl goes walking at all!

The other day I had occasion to cry (with happiness) over some map contours. I don’t really want to tell you why, but I needed a very specific set of contours in a very specific format to make something absolutely perfect. I tried a few sources and Mr B2 and I both made attempts (his much better than mine) to create our own, but none except the actual contours were going to quite do the thing for me.

And then Ordnance Survey (who are the obvious people to be in charge of contours) came to my rescue (they should maybe wear super-hero capes with maps on them) and sent me exactly what I needed … so I cried, because suddenly the something that I wanted to make absolutely perfect was exactly that.

So a big thank you to Ordnance Survey and a big thank you to Mr B2 for achieving all of the rest of the perfection.

If you have no idea whatsoever what I am talking about, please don’t fret, all will be revealed soon enough …