By: Blonde Two






Surname:   Two

Fornames:  Blonde Ditsy

Address:   Kink-in-Leat, Nr Crazywell Pool, Dartmoor

Phone:   SX582707



Walking Around in the Dark Award (MLTE), First Aid in Puddles (Mountain Training), Bronze Medallion Swimming, Girl Guide “Camper” badge, BA (Hons) Something-or-Other, A Level French, A Level English, A Level Maths, RYA Dinghy 2, 2 Star Kayak, 2 Star Canoe, Kiwi-Fruit-Picking Level 3 …

Work Experience:

French Fry cultivator – 1986

Telling people to work faster – 1987-1988

Wiping small bottoms and noses, playing “shops” – 1989-1997

Teaching small people to read – 1997-2006

Teaching bigger people to use computers – 2007-2012

Wandering around on Dartmoor – 1997-2014

Teaching other people to wander around on Dartmoor – 2000-2014

Writing a blog – 2012-2014

Personal Statement:

I enjoy walking and exploring in the UK’s best National Park.

I have a particularly interest in finding old stones, map reading and eating Jelly Babies.

People say that I am funny, they mean weird.

People say that I am clever, they mean weird.

People say that I am pretty, they are right.

Fridays are the best day of the week, especially when the next day is on Dartmoor.

I work best in conjunction with another pretty Blonde.

So give me a job … please.