By: Blonde Two


I am back at work today after a week off, but even a mile long to-do list can’t shake off my “summer happy” feeling.  I had a great week, mainly because I spent five out of the seven days on Dartmoor.  My Dartmoor days ranged from expedition level 4 to bimble level 2 and I enjoyed every single one of them.  Mr Blonde Two says that I am obsessed (I am beginning to think that he is right).

Of course, this D factor has been super-enhanced by another well known D.  No, I am not talking about bra sizes, although super-enhanced is always good in a bra cup.  The D to which I am referring is the lovely, sunshine induced Vitamin D.  This summer-time friend is something that we all need for strong bones and gnashers and although we can generate some it through our diet, sunshine is the best way of increasing our D-stocks.

Of course, for maximum D Factor, you should sit on Dartmoor in bright sunlight eating a picnic of raw oily fish, eggs and powdered milk.  Failing this, you could walk across sunny Dartmoor to Torbay, catch some mackerel off Berry Head and cook them over a lovely driftwood fire as the sun goes down.  I am not sure about the powdered milk but I do like eggs and I know that I craved oily fish for weeks just after I broke my ankle.  I ate so much of it that I was in danger of growing gills.

You might think that you can up your Vitamin D levels by sitting by the office window and eating your oily fish.  Well give it a go if you want to – I suspect your colleagues will give you a wide berth and even if you sit in a greenhouse, you won’t absorb the right sun whatsits through glass to make your Vitamin D.

I am going to re-name Vitamin D the “Happy Vitamin”.  This means that we will have to call it Vitamin H from now on which could cause confusion because there is a substance called Biotin which has already taken the H label (did the scientists not think this through?)

So Blondees and Blondettes, listen to your body carefully:  If it wants fish, give it fish:  If it craves eggs, feed it eggs and if you are obsessed by walking in the sunshine, then walk in the sunshine.  For extra D factor, may I recommend Dartmoor as a first choice.