By: Blonde Two

Daisy (pictured below) does not own a bicycle like her ancestor in the song.  She is, however, a much travelled cow, named after the first Truck-Blonde-Two (Daisy the Discovery).  Daisy the Cow has now travelled all over the UK, across the interior of Iceland, around the South Island of New Zealand and across Europe to Austria.  The funny thing about Daisy is that she refuses to walk anywhere and insists on travelling on dashboards (lazy cow!)

She kind of took a liking to the Austrian cows (as did Mr Blonde Two), declaring them to be more friendly than our Dartmoor ones and more cosmopolitan than the New Zealand ones on Norm’s farm (see last summer’s blog posts).  At least, that is what she said, but I think the truth is that she was jealous of their bells.  We may never know as Daisy rarely speaks but she appears to have come home from Austria with her own bell!Daisy Bell