By: Blonde Two

Today the humidity at Beardown Tor on Dartmoor is going to be 86%.  Now to me, that sounds pretty wet – not quite as wet as a bath but maybe more like one of those drippy showers that you find at swimming pools.  We Blondes have had many days on Dartmoor that were that wet and drippy so maybe my estimations are not all that wrong.

Anyway, 86% is nothing.  When the “dryers” came to look at my pour (you have to love a homophone) house (still wet from the roof leak) house, some of the walls were 100% saturated.

Which is why there are Daleks on my landing.  Two of them, guarding the bedroom door. They are in disguise as de-humidifiers and are very, very loud.  We have some strange instructions, run the Daleks for at least eight hours a day, empty them once in a while and keep all the windows shut.  The last one puzzled me but looking out of the window at Dartmoor this morning, I worked it out.  Dartmoor and the sky between it and me were looking misty.  Imagine the Daleks sucking all of that lovely mist in through our windows, we would have to sit emptying them all day but the weather up on Beardown Tor would be lovely!