By: Blonde Two

I enjoyed many things camping as a Girl Guide. The smell of canvas, the twang of a mallet and being expected to know, at breakfast, the number of potatoes you were likely eat at teatime.

I did not however, enjoy dampers.

If, at the tender age of eleven, I had been more of a wordsmith, I would have rechristened these unappetising lumps ‘dampeners’, because of their lowering effect on the appetite.

At the South West Outdoors Festival, I challenged the nice Ranger man to convince me that his dampers were something different to the charred, uncooked, grey mess-on-a-stick that I remembered. His response was to give me a stick, some dough (packet and water mix) and some glowing ashes. I had a quick ‘how to roll a sausage’ lesson, followed by a ‘how to twist your sausage round a stick’ lesson and then I got on with it.


What resulted was actually quite tasty (taste was something that childhood dampers never had). It cooked in about ten minutes and was crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. I was pleasantly surprised and Blonde One and I enjoyed a tasty snack!