By: Blonde Two

If you were up at 05:00 this morning, you may have noticed that I published this blog post earlier than usual.  This was because I though it only fair that our army of Blondees and Blondettes should share in our dawn alarm call.

We have experienced a few different Dartmoor alarm calls in our time.  There was a helicopter once, that was at about 03:00 and I was crouching outside the tent for a wee moment.  Rivers can be noisy, I don’t usually manage to sleep past 04:00 when we are camped by one.  Skylarks are preferable, nobody could mind waking up to their fluttering call.

This morning, however, at 05:00, we had a completely different kind of alarm call.  This morning we were woken by a loud and slightly tinny tannoy blaring out the theme tune from Chariots of Fire.  Ordinarily I would object to such an intrusive morning call but this blaring, tinny tannoy is a very special one and is an emotional experience for all who hear it.  Imagine, if you will, over 2,000 youngsters and their accompanying adults, squashed into one big field, all waking up together, excited, nervous and full of anticipation.  It is an experience worth having I can tell you.

One little note though, we Blondes have been doing this long enough to be savvy to the ways of Ten Tor camp.  We know that if you wait for the music to start before you get up, you will face an enormous Portaloo queue.  So it was an 04:30 start for us this morning, we’ll be needing a nap later!