By: Blonde Two

I have been looking back through the Two Blondes blog archive and have discovered that so far, our meanderings seem to be focused on four main topics:

1.  Nice places to go.

2.  What to wear.

3.  What to eat.

4.  How to go to the loo.


The first three of these seem to be socially acceptable.  However, despite the fact that there is an obvious biological connection between topics three and four – I do feel the need to apologise in advance to you for mentioning number four (or number twos) again.  That said, if you tell me that you have never needed to do the High Hill Squat or the Tor Top Teeter – I won’t believe you unless you are a teenage girl.  In the Two Blondes experience, these hardy creatures can walk for hours and drink gallons of fizzy pop, without even a hint of leg crossing behaviour.

A fantastic invention has recently been brought to my notice and I feel honor-bound to share it with you.  I think I have found the solution to a rather niggly walking issue.  As you know, I have slightly dodgy knees – this has meant that these days, I have to chose my outdoor loo stops more carefully and make sure that they provide a hand hold which will help me pull myself back up (Blonde One is a good friend but you can take friendships too far!)

Ladies and Gentlemen – let me introduce you to the Strap and C**** (excuse the lingo)  Why no-one has thought of it before I don’t know – it claims to reduce thigh strain but even better than that, it will “lessen the chance of messin’ your pants” (glad they remembered the apostrophe).  The video speaks for itself and is well worth watchin’ (see what I did there?)

I may get one just to flight test it but am a bit worried about getting tangled up – I managed to get my compass caught up in my knickers the other day.  Luckily the Strap and C**** has useful equipment loops that I could hang an escape knife on!