By: Blonde Two

‘Well hello there!’  Bats eyelids, flicks Blonde hair, looks up through fringe …

Sorry, just practising a bit of ‘film star’ behaviour for when we Dartmoor Blondes win the latest blog award for which we have been shortlisted (am already worrying about the shoes!)  This time, the award is the Simply Hike Blogger Awards and we are very excited to have been nominated in the ‘Hiking and Walking’ category.

These awards are a double whammy for family Blonde-Two as Six-Foot-Blonde (son) has also been shortlisted in the camping section. His blog ‘Hammocker‘ has been going a much shorter time than ours, but is gathering a following with such speed that I think he will eventually overtake us.  I hope he has plans to look after his mum in her (very far away) old age!

If you would like to Vote Blonde (and I am afraid it is compulsory if you want to be a true Blondee or Blondette), please click here.Simply Hike Awards Large