By: Blonde Two

We Blondes like to think that we are not that easy to spot but our disguise does not appear to be as good as we first intended it to be.  We have had two Spotted-Blondes moments recently.

The first was up at Ten Tors camp.  It was late on Saturday evening and after a rather long (17 hours at this point) and emotional day we staggered with Little-Miss-Blonde up to the NAAFI to imbibe a wee dram and make use of the tumble driers (if only all pubs were so accommodating).  There were no chairs left in the sea of drying out and slightly pungent humanity that filled the room so we found a convenient space to stand in and admire the smell? view? Eurovision Song Contest?  We had barely sipped a drop of our diet cokes (no really!) when a tall gentleman tapped us on the shoulder and asked if we had been using Twitter a lot recently.  He had tracked the Two Blondes down!  I shan’t reveal the gentleman’s name because, well, I don’t know it!  But chairs eventually appeared and we sat and had a nice chat.  Full marks to him for managing to spot that our by then bedraggled and matted hair was actually Blonde!

The second sighting is a possible one.  What do you think … Two Blondes, paying for their pub dinner.  Chap at the bar says, “I saw you two in your open topped sports car at the car park earlier.”  (he did because we noticed him too).  Then he says, “I recognised your hair styles.” and winks.  I was being particularly dim but as we left Blonde One suggested that we had been Blonde spotted again.  Maybe we will never know about this one, what do you think?