By: Blonde Two

There is so much water up on Dartmoor right now that I thought I had better get in training. Last night, I went for my first swim (swimming pool silly) in months.  Who knows when the moment will finally come when I step into a puddle and find myself up to the neck in peat water (smelly).  Dr Foster didn’t live on Dartmoor but I bet the person who wrote the rhyme had been there.

I am not a confident river crosser and am happy to walk miles to avoid a set of stepping stones.  They are lovely to look at and the sound of water racing by is always a delight but I break out into a cold sweat the moment anyone expects me to cross them.  I don’t mind swimming and have swam both on purpose and by accident in the Dart (back in my kayaking days).  I don’t mind wading or getting wet feet.  It is just those damned stones. Why is it that at least one stone in each set is sitting at a jaunty angle?  I swear that they are flat when I am not there.

I did manage to get over my stream jumping phobia in time for my WGL assessment and am determined to cure the stepping stone one sometime.  So if anyone knows of a really flat, close together, short set of stepping stones that I can practice on please let me know.  At least with the current weather I have a good excuse to avoid them!