By: Blonde Two

Happy February Blondettes

Mr Blonde Two informed me at the tea table yesterday that he had never bonked.  Now I don’t really think it is the done thing to discuss my private life in public but I do feel it is necessary to assure you that he is mistaken – we have three children who are proof of this fact.

All became clearer when he explained exactly what bonking means in current exercise lingo.  I am going to explain but before you read further, I should warn you that I bonked last Saturday whilst walking up a rather steep hill in the snow.  It wasn’t funny and it didn’t feel very clever.

Right – enough frivolity, here comes the Science bit.  Bonking is what you or I would probably call “hitting the wall”.  It is caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles (don’t you just love Wikipedia) and can be relieved by eating Jelly Babies (Blondipedia).  There is probably a brilliant formula to solve the bonking problem that goes something like;  xy = 3JB  where x = ambient temperature and y = angle of bonk.  JB is Jelly Babies of course you numbskull.

Anyway – it would appear that the bottom line is this – Mr Blonde Two cycles and has never bonked.  I walk and bonk a lot – I had several coming back down off Snowdon a few years ago.  I am not sure if Blonde One bonks but will almost certainly ask her next time I see her.  And most importantly – if you want to prevent bonking eat Jelly Babies!