By: Blonde Two


DTR Front Cover

Get your calendars out; what are doing in exactly three week’s time? (Well maybe not exactly, but at about eleven in the morning?)

We Blondes are hoping that you are going to be coming to the launch of our second children’s book ‘Dart the River’ at the High Moorland Visitor Centre in Princetown (which is of course on Dartmoor!)

We will be up there from 11.00 a.m. until 1.30 p.m. and will be available for book signing, question answering and celebrity photos. (If there aren’t any real celebrities there, you will have to make do with us!)

‘Dart the River’ tells the story of the East Dart as he tumbles down off the moor (on the way he meets up with ‘Dart from the West’, tips a few kayakers over and helps out some salmon). ‘Dart’s’ story nearly ends at Dartmouth … but then he has a very good idea!

Once you have bought your book (which of course, you will) and read it (you will definitely want to); you can take it off onto Dartmoor, and have a look for some of the illustration locations (there are some helpful grid references in the back).

As an extra incentive, our very talented illustrator Ali Marshall will also be there. She has promised to bring her paints along, and will be happy to chat about her own Dartmoor experiences and her illustrations.