By: Blonde Two

If you find the Grimstone and Sortridge Leat on the OL28 Dartmoor map and follow it along from the road, you will see a cross marked.  This is Windy Post (it was definitely windy there yesterday).  Next to Windy Post, you will see the words “Bullseye Stone” marked (there definitely wasn’t a bull there yesterday).Map Windy PostThis particular bullseye does not belong to a famous marauding bovine, it is a feature in the leat, in effect a sluice, which allows a certain amount of water to be directed to the farms below.  A simple but impressive solution to possible neighbourly disputes.Bull HoleThe Grimstone and Sortridge Leat is not my favourite leat (surely everyone has a favourite leat), but it is a special one, it has been supplying water to Dartmoor properties for over 700 years and is the only remaining leat on the moor to supplement drinking water.  It looked quite sparkly yesterday so I wouldn’t mind drinking it; despite that horrid episode after drinking out of the Devonport Leat a few years ago (you really don’t want to hear about that!)  This leat is so well loved that it even has its own committee and has, in recent years, been subject to some very excellent and loving restoration work.

Windy Post and the Bullseye Stone are only a short, easy walk from the Pork Hill car park (SX 531 751) and well worth a visit.