By: Blonde Two

On Sunday, I went out hunting with Mr Blonde Two.  Please don’t panic, throw you hands up in horror or chuck your laptop across the room.  We weren’t hunting for fluffy animals, we were after something much more difficult to track down.  We were seeking wild Dartmoor campsites.

We had slightly different agendas.  Mr B2 wanted a cosy spot within cycling distance of home (any distance really) where he could hop into his bivvy bag and stare at the stars all night.  Not too tricky with 365 square miles of moorland to choose from (camping not permitted in all of them).  I showed him a couple of possibilities.

My mission was altogether more difficult.  I needed a spot of flatish grass (note the “ish”) big enough for at least ten tents, nearish to the minibus but invisible from anyone else.  I did consider starting the search in my wardrobe because surely only Narnia would be big enough to hide so many first time campers.  Let me explain for the uninitiated, that first time campers usually engage in such a flurry of tent flapping,  zip opening and shutting and general disorganisation that you would have to be walking with your bobble hat (other hats are available) over your head to miss them.

We have camped with our youngsters in all sorts of Dartmoor locations before and I have never thought twice about it.  I have just obediently pitched my tent and got on with the shivering. Now that I am making the decisions however, it all seems a lot harder.  Will we get told off for being in the wrong place?  Will the adults hate me if/when it is muddy?  Where will the kids go to the loo?  How will the adults avoid using the same bushes?  Will someone sleep walk?  Will someone fall in a river?  Will I get any sleep at all?  This last one is very unlikely!

If you fancy a bit of Dartmoor wild camping (and you should but normal people don’t do it in March) here is a useful map for you!