By: Blonde Two

Have you ever spent a Dartmoor weekend in a marquee who’s sole mission in life is to take flight? We Blondes do it every year in May at Ten Tors camp.

We are very lucky to have our Blonde-Marquee, we use to have to manage in Blonde One’s family tent and, believe me, it was a squash when twelve hungry team members and their associated adults all needed breakfast. This year, the Blonde-Marquee has been the home for much fun and merriment; it has witnessed:
Foot binding
Hair plaiting
Bacon cooking
Peg competitions (don’t ask!)
Cups of tea
More cups of tea
More bacon
Laughter (lots and lots of laughter!)

As a home from home, the Blonde-Marquee is perfect; except for one thing – the draughts. When your walls remove themselves from your floor at the slightest gust of wind, things are bound to get a bit chilly around the ankles. This is usually a bit of a problem and in past years has seen us going for walks to keep warm and sometimes decamping to the NAAFI. This year however, we didn’t need to do either of those things, because this year, our Blonde-Marquee had Blonde-Central-Heating!

Here is a picture of our Blonde-Central-Heating. I can thoroughly recommend it! Not only did it warm up the tent; it was surprisingly useful for cooking bacon and boiling my mum’s kettle (thanks Mum!) Shame it won’t fit into my One-Blonde tent!


WARNING:  Cooking in tents is really not recommended. There is real risk of death from carbon monoxide and nylon tents burn very easily. Our marquee had plenty of ventilation (too much in fact) and we always had water easily available for emergencies.