By: Blonde Two

I believe that I have observed already on our Blonde blog that mentioning the “W” word (weight) only makes more of it appear.  A bit like the well known fact that closing your eyes and whispering “I do believe in fairies, I do …” breathes new life into Tinkerbell (round these parts, you have to do the same sort of thing with pixies).

So I won’t mention it (the “W” word) but will just quietly point out that, despite my best efforts, the house B2 is still full of Christmas chocolate.  You will be glad to hear though that I have come up with a couple of Dartmoor (of course) Blonde solutions to this filling inducing (don’t mention the “W” word) problem;


Option 1.  Find an outdoorsy looking box – something made of birch bark by long lost Canadians will do.  Fill the box with any chocolate that is “rucksackable” and then take some out with you on each of your 2014 expeditions to feed to grumpy cold youngsters (or adults).

Option 2.  Arrange a meet-up with friends in a very lonely and wet Dartmoor place. Most Dartmoor places meet this description at the moment but I would suggest something with “House” in the name but not in the reality, Brown’s or Bleak would do it. Once everyone has struggled to this sodden (… ing) place, they will need to eat each other’s chocolate before they are able to struggle home again.

Option 3.  Create a few “chocolate depots” at places that you know you will visit frequently during 2014.  This very nearly worked for Scott and his Antarctic travelling companions.  These will need to be well hidden and fox proof but may give you more incentive to climb up those tors than you would otherwise have had.  Think of this option as letterboxing for the greedy.