By: Blonde Two

We all know that Dartmoor has its own type of magic.  With fairies under bridges and laughing pixies leading you astray, not to mention Blondes who laugh their way around its tors and combes; it is clear that it is a place of mystery and fun.

Yesterday, the Two Blondes needed to clear their heads after a rather late night out. As we didn’t manage to get out of our dressing gowns and off the sofa particularly early, the obvious choice of destination was the Dartmoor Christmas Tree.  Little-Miss-Blonde came with us and took a strong role in the general merriness and giggling.  You will want to know, I expect, if any Christmassy visitors have been to visit Tree yet and whether or not they have left him some decorations.  I am not going to tell you about decorations, you can go and see for yourself about that but the Two plus Little Blondes did spy some unexpected seasonal visitors.

The first one we spotted was this Christmas elf.  He was clearly something to do with control and inspection because he was roaming around the tree taking lots of photos.  I think I read the words “Elf Service” on his jacket.  We had to do some very stealthy Blonde photography – how else can you check that an elf is real?  Not the easiest thing to do when you are giggling uncontrollably but see what you think.


We had just recovered from our Elf spotting and were enjoying our cups of tea/coffee (no ribena today!) when another Christmassy visitor appeared over the horizon.  This was a very important gentleman and I glad that he found some time to go on a relaxing Dartmoor walking holiday before his really hectic season begins.  I did notice that he cast a careful eye over the Dartmoor Christmas tree on his way past.  I believe he inspects all Christmas trees.


Today is Advent Sunday and I think our magical sightings up at The Dartmoor Christmas Tree must have been something to do with that.  Advent is a time for preparation – clearly Dartmoor’s magic visitors were just checking that preparations were being put in place for some happy Christmas visits.