By: Blonde Two

IMGP4871Imagine our Blonde excitement and cheesy grins yesterday evening when we visited the Dartmoor Christmas tree again and found a Christmas greeting for the Two Blondes in the form of our very own silver bauble.  It is not often that you find something shiny and sparkly on Dartmoor (apart from frost on your tent) and finding something with our name on it made it even more thrilling.

I first talked to you about the (apparently not so secretly located) Dartmoor Christmas tree on December 9th.  At that point, the tree had one bauble which was probably left over from another year.  We revisited it on December 12th and added our own bauble, lent the tree some lights for an hour and celebrated with mince pies and a cup of tea.  Since then, the tree seems to have gained a fan club.  The Two Blondes are pleased to report that yesterday, they found a very happy looking Christmas tree with lots of baubles and tinsel.

It was amazing that, with all the wind and rain we have been having down here in Devon, the tree has hung on to its decorations.  Most things that you will find on Dartmoor are very hardy, including the walkers, who are also a practical lot and have tied most of the baubles on with extra string.  We did a quick check round and only found a couple of stray bits of paper which were soon cleared away.

With Christmas looming ever nearer, it is difficult to know when the Two Blondes will be back up at the tree but you can be sure that they will be there to clear up sometime around 12th Night.  Feel free to help with the tidy up if you know where to go (secret location, sorry).  But please don’t take our shiny, Two Blondes bauble away – we want that as a souvenir.