By: Blonde Two


Last night the Two Blondes escaped from work early and sneaked up to Dartmoor to blow some grumps and cobwebs away.  That was the first part of the mission and it worked – we both returned happier and uplifted by the frosty ground (frost sparkles in head torch light) and gentle sunset.

The second part of the mission was to revisit the Dartmoor Christmas tree (no I am not going to tell you exactly where it is – clues on the previous tree blog) and take it a few new decorations.  We were in two mind about this, litter being an obvious no no, but I have promised myself to return on 12th night and remove all traces of the festivities.  To make our expedition even more Christmassy, we packed tea, ginger wine, mince pies and a string of Christmas lights.

The tree looked lovely in its festive gear and I think it enjoyed wearing sparkly lights for an hour while we attempted to take photos (need lessons).  We had a nice little party despite being unable to open the top of my Russian hip flask – (no, I am not going to tell you the hip flask story either)  It seemed a shame to turn the Christmas lights off when we took them off the tree so I wore them around my neck for the hike back to the car.