By: Blonde Two

Silver BaubleWell here we are at last, sometimes getting to Christmas Day feels like an expedition in its own right.  Santa made it to our house so I am guessing that he took note of yesterday’s helpful kit list.

Yesterday, the Two Blondes were very naughty and abandoned present wrapping, sprout peeling and ginger bread making to make a Christmas pilgrimage to the Dartmoor Christmas tree.  There was a short gap in the rain and we took advantage of it.  The tree was looking lovely as ever and had done an amazing job of hanging on to most of its decorations.  Someone kind had rescued the gold bauble in our main photo and tied it to the tree in a bag which also contained a rubbish bag and a “Happy New Year” message for the Two Blondes.  Thank you to whoever that was, we shall make sure that we use the bag for our post Christmas clear-up.

We were feeling the magic of Christmas yesterday.  For a start, there was sunshine which has been in short supply in Devon recently.  As we were sipping our tea, munching our mince pies and putting the world to rights, a rainbow appeared.  Later, we watched the rain approaching from the high moors and the cloud seemed to part around us – a few drops for the Two Blondes and loads for the next field.

In fact, it felt so magic that I am sure that if I had stayed the night up there, (I did suggest to the family that I might), I would have seen Santa’s sleigh as it flew past.  I might even have been able to help him with his navigation a bit – Dartmoor is a tricky place after all.

Happy Christmas from the Two Blondes and enjoy your Boxing Day walking.