By: Blonde Two

You guys must know as much about Ten Tors as we Blondes do by now, but did you know that there is a two-wheeled Dartmoor equivalent?  Let me explain.

The Dartmoor Classic (Sunday 22nd June) is a CycloSportive.  “Cyclo” I understand but I am sure that you will agree that “Sportive” is a strange word with a rather oddly placed capital letter (obviously only Blondes are allowed to play around with capitalisation – not to be confused with decapitation).  Definition searches proved interesting; There is a certain appeal in the concept of “lustful” lycra clad gentlemen that is suggested by one archaic definition of “Sportive”.  But I think the more prosaic modern description of “short to long distance, organised, mass participation cycling event” is more likely to be accurate.

Like Ten Tors, a CycloSportive is not a race.  Almost certainly, just like Ten Tors, most people will treat it as one.  Unlike Ten Tors, the participants may have grey hair, will be wearing lycra (I may have already mentioned that), will aim to carry as little kit as they can and won’t be requiring gaiters.  They will have to travel a bit further, choosing from the “Medio” route at 67 miles or the “Grandio” route at 107 miles, but will (unless their GPS devices have failed) not be required to cycle through any Dartmoor bogs.

Although I hate cycling, I have a vested interest (always wear your vest) in this year’s Classic as Mr Blonde Two will be going for the “Grandio”.  I took him out training on Sunday.  It was very hard work, I dropped him off, drove the truck a bit, climbed a tor and then sat and watched him cycle past.

Our lovely friends from Ashburton Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team are an official Dartmoor Classic charity.  They will be around the event in their shiny red jackets (word has it they polish them).  Pop along and visit them, they are quite tame and need some of your dosh to keep up their rescuing (mountain bikers and walkers all included!) Details here: