By: Blonde Two

I am a lucky, lucky girl – I can see Dartmoor from my bed.  We took a bearing out of the window once and went to the moors to see if we could reverse the bearing and find our house.  It didn’t quite work but it was loads of fun trying.

There are some days when my moor view looks magnificent.  The first glimpse of snow each year is amazing and we get great sunsets; on midsummer’s day the sun disappears immediately behind Haytor.  Like the ancients, I can tell the time of year by the position of the sun along my Dartmoor horizon.

Today however, someone has plonked down a big dollop of cloud to hide the view.  I could be looking out to sea for all I know.  While we were out last week Blonde One remarked that I had a “cloud” on my hat.  I took it off and she was right, moist air and hot head had combined to form a very pleasing effect.  I didn’t mind my cloud at all and I don’t suppose Dartmoor does either – it is all part of the magic.