By: Blonde Two

Ten Commandments FebIt has been said that I am quite strong willed (I prefer determined) and don’t really like being told what to do but yesterday’s fair weather drew me up to Dartmoor and set me off on a Blonde Bimble with my sister to find some important instructions.

If you park at Cold East Cross (no-one was cross in the sunshine) and head South West for just over a kilometre (excellent boundary stones on the way) – you will come to the magnificent Buckland Beacon.  At the foot of the Beacon rocks, you will find the Ten Commandments Stones.  I checked, all ten of the commandments were there plus the “Love One Another” one.  The only thing missing was Moses.

No matter how determined you are, it is important to follow instructions (especially ones that have been around for a long time) so during our rather windy picnic we didn’t kill anyone, were polite about our parents and we definitely didn’t covet any donkeys.  We did, however, admire the excellent views across Holne Chase, take photos of each other through a hole in the rocks and find a lot of Dartmoor letter boxes.

Buckland Beacon is one of those rare places where you feel like you can see the whole world so although the idea of finding the Ten Commandments on a hillside in Devon may seem a bit odd – I would recommend seeking them out if you are ever around.  It is a lovely walk and when you get there, it all makes perfect sense.