By: Blonde Two

Imagine that you are going to sleep in a tent on Dartmoor tonight; you would be forgiven for calling it “damping”.  There is so much water up there at the moment that damp would be the best you could hope for when you woke up for that 2 o’clock in the morning loo call (there is a reason they are called the wee small hours).

Poor weather or good, the time will come around quite soon when the Two Blondes will be camping out on the moors again.  We love to camp and can rough it with the best of them; but in all honesty, if the opportunity is there to nudge a camp towards the glamping end of the spectrum, we will take it.

There is a certain limit to how much glamp you can fit into a rucksack and an even more restrictive limit to how much of it a Blonde can comfortably carry.  The good news for us is that there are often kids around who will carry extra glamp items for us.  We do reward them with sweeties so this seems fair enough.  Here are some of the glampier items we have taken on recent trips;

Thermarest – nothing glampy about that I hear you say but Blonde One has been spotted with two and a lilo before now.  We think she is probably a real princess but none of ever have a pea to try the theory out (I said pea, not pee – that would just be weird).

Hot Water Bottle – I have taken one with me a couple of times.  A real one with a fluffy cover.  A metal water bottle in a sock will do but it is no where near as cuddly.

Carpet – this hasn’t been out on the moors with us yet but give it time, we just have to find a strong enough youngster to carry it.  The carpet has, however, been a popular feature in some of our Duke of Edinburgh camps.

Wine and French Camembert – this is a must; never consider camping, damping, glamping or even vamping without a bit of cheese to stir the gut and a drop of wine to settle it down again.

Liam Neeson – oh no, excuse me, that one was just a fantasy ….