By: Blonde Two

On Saturday Blonde One agreed to come walking with me.  This was exceedingly generous of her as it was pouring with rain and I wanted (loose use of the term) to walk into the dark for a couple of hours.  She is a star and so were those incredible shining things in the sky that we got to see for around fifteen minutes before they disappeared again.

The night navigation section of our walk didn’t go quite to plan but that is becoming normal for me (I am practising for my WGL reassessment) so there was no panic.  This is not really true – I think we both panic when we are out alone in the dark on Dartmoor together but there is an unspoken understanding that if one of us admits to fear then we could both fall apart.

We found some walls, lots of deep, scratchy gorse (again), lots of deep sticky mud and some strange animal eyes that were hopefully ponies.  We didn’t find the Huccaby Rings (near Dunnabridge Pound), the path or any useful gates/stiles.  The good news is that we weren’t ever actually lost – just a bit sideways from our targets.

We have learnt a lesson from this experience and that is for one of us to check that our chosen night navigation points actually exist in daylight (I don’t mean that they disappear at night).  If anyone can let me know about the Huccaby Rings existence please do – although it may well knock my fragile night nav confidence if they are giant and really obvious.

Three out of five compulsory, two hour night nav sessions completed (it has rained every time so far).  Reassessment is at the end of February.