By: Blonde Two

Our next door neighbours have bought a hot tub.  I thought I loved hot tubs but in the last few days, have decided that they are noisy, irritating puddles that shouldn’t be allowed in urban gardens.  The noise thing presents us with a bit of a problem because our neighbours are lovely (they are presumably also very, very clean because they have been in the hot tub so much.)

Yesterday evening after hours of said tub making a noise like a very old and iced-up freezer, an escape to Dartmoor seemed the only sanity-inducing option.  Now Dartmoor, you would imagine, is a very quiet and peaceful place.  It is mostly grass, granite and peat, none of which are renowned for their vociferousness.  You would be a bit wrong there though, there is always some noise.  Yesterday there was the breeze and there were the birds.  The Skylarks were the loudest, they appeared to be having much fun and telling us off at the same time.  We could also hear the call of the cuckoos from Emsworthy Mire drifting across the valley (can you guess where we were?)DSC_1510I think, that if we had had a clever device that measured sound levels, we would have found as many decibels on Dartmoor as in our back garden but clearly there was a difference.  Hot tub noise – grumpy and stressed Blonde, Dartmoor noise – happy and relaxed Blonde.  I have christened the Dartmoor Decibels “Peaceful Noise” and will hopefully be going back for some more today!