By: Blonde Two

Dartmoor Christmas quiz

Christmas really wouldn’t be Christmas here in the World of Blonde, without a Dartmoor quiz to jolly you all along. Below are five Dartmoor locations in pictorial form. Grab a map (OL28), solve the clues, then answer the questions for extra points. If you can get 10 out of 10 without cheating we’ll be impressed!


Dartmoor quiz location number one

For an extra point, name the river that’s forded (on a good day) nearby.

Dartmoor quiz location number two

For an extra point, which famous dam might you also be visiting on this walk?

Dartmoor quiz location number three

For an extra point, what’s the height above sea level of this lump?


Dartmoor quiz location number four

For an extra point, find out which pies the local hostelry has on offer… then eat one, they’re delicious!


Dartmoor quiz location number five

For an extra point, why might you worried about visiting a nearby enclosure?


Dartmoor location quiz answers

How did you get on? You want the answers don’t you!

Well they’re not here, you’ll have to click through to my other blog Fi Darby Freelance to find them (as well as a most excellent photo of the Dartmoor Unicorn). The answers (and the unicorn) will be up on Boxing Day.

Which is more than I’ll be!!!

Happy Christmas!!!

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