By: Blonde Two

Day Two of our DofE Challenge Expedition was never meant to be as much of a physical challenge as Day One (still momentous!) As well as developing the skills of independent route finding and camping, each DofE expedition team has to have an aim. They have to complete the aim during their expedition and make a presentation of it at some point afterwards.

At some point during the last few months, somebody asked us Blondes what the aim of our expedition was going to be, and we quite glibly announced that we were going to write our long-planned ‘Blonde Guide to Dartmoor’.

Quite how we thought we were going to do this mid-moor, laden with rucksacks and tramping through Dartmoor bogs I do not know. Luckily (thanks to accommodation arrangements) our Day Two route was short and to the point (the point of course being the most excellent Fox Tor Cafe which was packed with team leaders – you can tell them by their Paramo jackets, their slightly worried smiles and their checklists.)


Copyright Ordnance Survey 2016

Copyright Ordnance Survey 2016

It was a route that we know well (something that a Silver route shouldn’t be) but we still had some fun with some bridge-crossing sheep who refused to be photographed on the bridge but posed through a hedge. We also met a rather lovely group of Gold DofE girls who admired Blonde One’s Diamond Challenge t-shirt and chatted with us for a few minutes. Note, the picture below is the sheep not the girls. The girls had much tidier hair!


Once at our destination, we did manage a bit of book writing (which is just as well because by then Blonde One had carried her tablet PC across combe and hill). We only got one walk out of twelve (one for each month of the year) written; however, more importantly, we set up a Blonde system for walk writing which means that subsequent walks were/will be much easier to compose. Here is Blonde One contemplating the not-so-long and not-so-winding road.


The book is, I think, going to be pretty good. I am not sure what the DofE rule about how much time you can leave between expedition and presenting your aim. I think we are set to break the record!!