By: Blonde Two

Well if there is one thing we Blondes really like about being Blonde, it is the fact that despite all of our combined (and considerable) planning abilities, we never know quite what each year is going to bring.

I have been recently reading some interesting writing on the topic of dynamic planning (more about that in another post). We have become quite adept over recent years at the expedition version of this; you kind of have to when your chosen lifestyle combines weather, equipment, teenagers, vehicles and then more weather. However, it has never properly occurred to me before that life also requires a fair amount of dynamic (or on the spot) planning.

With new jobs, new relationships and new experiences all on the (pretty close) horizon, I am fairly sure that we Blondes are going to be putting our dynamic life-planning skills to the test throughout 2017. Who knows, by the time I write the New Year’s Day post for 2018 we might have travelled three times round the world accompanied only by a pair of camels, a packet of Jelly Babies and our trusty walking boots…

Let’s hope so!! The Blonde calendar is filling up quickly! Bring on the adventures!