By: Blonde Two

We Blondes have been sitting on some exciting news since last week. Thanks to all of your voting efforts, we are finalists in the 2015 Simply Hike Blogger Awards (finalists is kind of the same thing as runners up – except that we refuse to run anywhere!)


This means that out of 32 blogs in the Walking and Hiking category, ours was one of the five most popular. We are particularly thrilled to see Dartmoor finally represented in an award (much walking news centres around Up-North!)

Six-Foot-Blonde however, has outdone his mother and his blog ‘Hammocker’ is the Winner in his category (camping). For someone who has only been blogging for a few months, and does his camping slung between trees, this is an impressive achievement.

Hammocker 2

Six-Foot is being very well behaved and not gloating about beating his mum. I am being very well behaved and not being even a tiny bit jealous (believe that if you choose to!) It is always lovely to see your offspring achieve, particularly in a field that is close to your heart (we both like fields). We are off up to visit him soon and I think a family celebration is in order!

A massive thank you to all who voted for us and for Dartmoor, and to those who also supported Six-Foot-Blonde (who cut his outdoor teeth under Blonde One’s tuition on Dartmoor). If you are good, we will let you look at our trophy when we get it!

The hammock photo above belongs to Hammocker. I have not asked permission to use it and have stolen it off his blog. I am his mum so I can!!