By: Blonde One

We’ve mentioned before about the live firing that happens on the moors when the Army use it for practice but it’s always worth mentioning again.

Before you head out onto the moors it’s important to check here  to see if there is any live firing that you need to avoid. The army use three areas on the north moor for their practice: Willsworthy, Okehampton and Merrivale (check your OS map to see where they are). The three areas have red and white poles as their boundary markers so it’s really obvious when you wander into them. If you forgot to check and wander into one of the areas you should check the tops of the tors where if you see a red flag flying during the day or a red light at night you should beat a hasty retreat as this means there will be live firing!

As a general guide most, but definitely not all, Sundays will be free of firing and all of August will usually be safe too. Do not rely on this though as there are exceptions to this rule!