By: Blonde Two

This weekend something very exciting is happening, you might even say (if you lived in Up-North) that something ‘Champion’ is happening.

Champions 2

We Blondes will be heading up to a particularly lovely Dartmoor bunkhouse and welcoming some of our fellow Ordnance Survey Get Outside Champions to their very first Dartmoor frosty camp.

Icy Tent 1

A frosty camp doesn’t quite do what it says on the tin. I went on my first one when I was a Scout leader but that was in the days before I had experienced ice on my tent and all night shivering. Frosty camps require a few key ingredients:

1. An inside space so that you can get as frosty as you like but still snuggle in the evening.
2. A fireplace around which you can gather and tell yarns of adventure (or play very silly games!)
3. A kitchen to keep the cooking Blonde happy (I am beginning to wonder if B1 is after my cooking hat, she was talking about polenta the other day!)
4. Some frosty weather. This cannot always be guaranteed but you can get just as chilly in the rain so we are hopeful.
5. Some excellent Get Outside type activities. We have offered our guests walking, historical artefacts, night navigation, wild swimming and off-road mountain biking. They might also like to sit around and chat!


We will obviously be taking lots of ‘Champion’ type photos and letting you know how we get on. For today though, there are preparations to be made!

PS If you are a Champion and you haven’t told us you are coming, get in touch, we still have some spaces!