By: Blonde Two

It has been said that fungi are neither plant nor animal. Not plant because of their lack of chlorophyll (hence no photosynthesis) and I am not sure why not animal – maybe because they don’t look cute and fluffy on Christmas cards.

Fly Agaric Deeper Marsh

Except that Fly Agaric (the red spotty one) is a symbol of Christmas in some Scandinavian countries. Some suggest, although the links seem a bit tenuous, that Santa’s red and white suit originally came from the colours of this startling mushroom (one round fungi to another round fun guy!)

Either this has been a good autumn for Dartmoor fungi or I have been concentrating on them a bit more than usual this year; but I have seen a lovely array of different mushrooms on the moors recently. There are some examples below. The first thing on my 2015 to-do list is going to be a lesson in fungidentification and then maybe I will make a fungomlette!

DSC_3004 DSC_3007Poo Fungus