By: Blonde Two

Now we Blondes can’t claim to have invented this game (thanks to Si) but, if you know Dartmoor, it is really good fun. If you don’t know Dartmoor, I will be really impressed if you manage to play it at all, but feel free to admire the pictures.

Here are the rules:
1. Put your Dartmoor map away.
2. Look at the three pictures below.
3. Study the contour lines.
4. Decide where you think the centre of each picture is.
5. Use our comments link to tell us your answers.Contour Quiz 3 Contour Quiz 2 Contour Quiz 1

Struggling?  Here are some Blonde hints:
1. Look for the obvious valleys.
2. Study the shape and slope of the hills.
3. Close contours = steep slope.
4. Cheat and use your OL28!