By: Blonde Two

I spend so much time out walking on Dartmoor these days that I don’t watch the coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show as keenly as I used to.  I still like to get my fix though, and am always envious of the skill and plantwomanship of the garden designers and growers.  Work prevents me from being able to visit the show but I have found a solution.  Dartmoor has its own ‘designer gardens’, they are free, and you almost always get them to yourselves.  You just have to know where to find them. Have a look at the picture below taken on Saturday and you will see what I mean.  All of those mosses and ferns, they are stunning in a group and fascinating to look at individually.  All of those rocks carefully placed between delicate clumps of bluebells.  Just a trickle of water running through the whole ensemble.  Chelsea Garden Designers eat your heart out, Lady Dartmoor had this garden design thing sussed centuries ago.

Ferns Laughter Hole