By: Blonde Two

As you regular Blondees and Blondettes know, we Blondes are particularly fond of visiting our friends at Ashburton Dartmoor Search and Rescue.  We and our youngsters have been ‘casualties’ for them a few times now and are getting to know a little bit about the way that they work (they obviously have a few secrets that they won’t tell us but we are working on them!)

We had a little ‘rescue’ mission to deal with ourselves on Saturday.  The Blondes and the 55 Mile team were at Rowtor when I got a call from the 35 Mile team to say that they thought that they were near to Dinger Tor but not quite sure and that one of them had a twisted ankle.  Our 55 Milers are a grand lot and had volunteered to be on ‘rescue duty’ before I had even put the phone down.  They are a lot faster than us Blondes and so, our very own ‘hasty team’ (a term stolen from DSRTA) was formed.

I followed them up the hill (and it was much more up than I had remembered) as the back up party.  I was quite pleased with my efforts but more pleased that, just as I was approaching Dinger Tor (another tor that I am destined never to get to), the rescue party and their rescuees appeared around the corner.

I chatted with the 55s about how they had dealt with the situation on the way back down the hill.  Our Dartmoor Rescue friends may be chuffed to hear that, on their way up the hill, the lads had been discussing a strategy based around what they had learnt from that them.  Ankles had been checked, cold people had been warmed up and morale had been returned via the medium of friendly banter.

To tell the truth, they didn’t really need me at all.  The mission had been accomplished in more ways than one!