By: Blonde Two

I won’t be on Dartmoor today.  My car has gone to have some new shoes (brake ones, not stilettos).  The other, slightly bigger issue, is that the moors have disappeared.  The space where they usually sit in my ‘from the bed’ view is, at present, only a bank of grey cloud.  I am hoping that this is because of the rain and not some odd Mayan disturbance in the landscape.  Maybe readers in other areas of the UK could let me know if their hills are also missing.  I am unsure of who exactly to call in this type of emergency;  not the ambulance service, the hills are gone, not broken – the police are probably too busy – it will have to be Dartmoor Rescue, after all, who else would be able to rescue Dartmoor.  I hope they have some good raincoats and some really strong ropes, those Mayans are tricky creatures!